Hello & welcome to my blog to accompany the website, http://www.artisaninishbofin.ie.

It will be my attempt to capture all things visually inspiring that I come across in my everyday life on an Island.

Whilst lots will relate to inspiration from the island itself,  other non island related topics are bound to sneak in !




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog. Looking wonderful it is… Hope you’re having a grand day on Bofin… Weather here in the US is overcast with some showers occasional. The coming week appears to be more oft he same. Almost sounds like Ireland.

    • Thanks Nicholas.
      Weather today is windy and very wet. A kick back to winter! As they say over here “it’s a day for the high stool !” I, however, won’t be budging from the cosiness of home.

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